Calendar Time – A “Must-NOT Have” in Early Childhood Classrooms

Young toddler boy child playing on slide at playground outdoors during summer

Leah Zabari

Book review: It’s OK to Go UP the Slide by Heather Shumaker

As I was scanning the library shelves for a good book to read, I came across the book It’s OK to Go UP the Slide by Heather Shumaker. Man! Did I grab that book as quick as I could! I’ve always been a proponent of letting my own kids climb up the slide, living on the “dangerous” side of play, and after I read that title, it confirmed for me that others must think that way too. But it made me question why I never actually see it happening on the playground. Although the author talks about allowing children to go up the slide and the benefits of allowing children to take “healthy risks” as they explore, she also wrote about other topics that might be considered “out of the norm” but important subjects related to school. As an Early Childhood Educator, and believer in “playing to learn”, the chapter titled, Banish Calendars at Circle Time made me shout “AMEN” at a table in the very quiet library. I made a few heads turn with my excitement and I hope you will have that same reaction after hearing about her book.

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